Lonely Beach is the backpackers dreaming place, located on the west coast between Kai Bae and Bailan.
Compared to White Sand beach, Klong Prao or Kai Bae, Lonely beach has a completely different atmosphere. There aren't so many big resorts, nature is more present, you already see it when you arrive by road, driving through the steep hill and curves.

You will see monkeys along the main road. They may be cute and waiting for food but please DO NOT FEED THE MONKEYS! First, it's not good for them, their place is in the middle of the jungle, not on the busy roadside where they can get hit by a vehicle. They have sharp teeth, they can carry diseases and they can bite you.

Do Not Feed The Monkeys

(picture: KEEP KOH CHANG CLEAN !!)


There are lots of pubs and restaurants on Lonely beach, on the main road as well as in the walking street.
There is also a Minimart supermarket, a bakery, a wine gallery, small clothes shops, a gym with Yoga courses, a diving center and lots of cheap places where to stay.

Main street of Lonely Beach Main street of Lonely Beach Main street of Lonely Beach


There are lots of tattooists in Lonely Beach, but I recommend you Danny Tattoo who is located on the main road, at the entrance of the village and on the left side when you come from Kai Bae.

Danny Tattoo Danny Tattoo Danny Tattoo


The sandy beach is a few minutes walk from the center of the village. During the rainy season a strange phenomenon removes a part of the sand from the north part of this beach, leaving stones and all the time at the end of the low season, the sand is back, covering all those rocks.

Lonely Beach Lonely Beach Lonely Beach


In the daytime, Lonely Beach is quiet but when the sun goes down music and lights go on. The walking street becomes very active and with the loud music starts until very late in the night.
There can be also big parties on the beach during the high season.

If you are looking for a silent place, think twice before booking in Lonely beach or stay a bit away from the center of the village.

Lonely Beach Lonely Beach Lonely Beach Lonely Beach

Lonely Beach


Where to stay?

There are for all budgets and all tastes.

On the sandy beach, you will find Siam Beach ResortNature Beach Resort, Bhumiyama Beach Resort, and Siam Hut. If you continue on the coast you will see Sea Flower Resort, The Bamboo Leaf, Sunset Hut, Warapura Resort, and Paradise Cottage which are all on the seafront but don't have any sandy beach, just rocks.

Siam Beach Resort Bhumiyama Beach Resort Sunset Hut Lonely Beach


Sunset Hut is a place I recommend in the evening. The stilt terrace is a lovely place to enjoy a few drinks or even food while watching the sunset.

Sunset Hut Sunset Hut Sunset Hut


Away from the beach, you will find Joy Cottages, Ploy Inn, Little Eden Bungalows & Restaurant, Oasis with their tree terrace that I recommend to visit, Kachapura Resort, Rolling Chang, Lonely Beach Resort, Exotic Bungalows, Magic garden, Nest Sense resort and Margaritaville Guesthouse which has few rooms to rent but also a bar and restaurant serving excellent food and cocktails.

Margaritaville Guesthouse Margaritaville Guesthouse Margaritaville Guesthouse


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Lonely Beach

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