The Thai Navy shrine is located at the south end of White Sand beach, just in front of the International Clinic.
The entrance is free and you have 2 choices to reach it, use the small concrete road which is on the left side of the parking or climb the steep steps which is an excellent exercise.

Koh Chang International Clinic Thai Navy Shrine

The shrine has been built to honour Admiral Krom Luang Jumborn Khet Udomsakdi, father of the Royal Thai Navy.
Once at the top of the hill you will have a panoramic view of the sea which isn't so spectacular. On the left side, you can see Pearl beach, and on the right side, behind the trees, you can guess White Sand beach.

Thai Navy Shrine

Don't worry, the machine guns are not here to be used or to dissuade the enemies, they are just a part of the memorial.
Inside the building, there is a statue of Admiral Krom Luang.

Thai Navy Shrine Thai Navy Shrine


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