Klong Prao beach is the longest sandy beach of Koh Chang with its 3.3 km length.
It's divided into two parts, Klong Prao north (1.5 km long) also called Chai Chet beach, and Klong Prao south (1.8 km long), separated by a small estuary. It's also very quiet, even during the high season with some stretches completely dessert.

Klong Prao beach

North of Klong Prao beach South part of Klong Prao beach South of Klong Prao beach


There are a few beautiful resorts along this beach and for all budgets. The small estuary is fine to kayak. In the middle of the stilt houses, there is a resort, guesthouses, restaurants and if you paddle more you will reach a small mangrove. It's a very calm area.
During the high season, you can see lots of fireflies by night in the mangrove. Some of the restaurants on the estuary can arrange a small evening boat tour if you ask them.

Klong Prao river estuary View from the estuary Kayaking in Klong Prao estuary river Small mangrove


Where to stay?

On the north part of Klong Prao beach there are Coconut Beach Resort, Koh Chang Paradise Resort & Spa, Flora I Talay Resort, the famous Pajamas Koh Chang Hostel with the very good Nong Bua Seafood Restaurant just nearby, and then Klong Prao Resort.

Coconut Beach Resort Koh Chang Paradise Resort & Spa Flora I Talay Pajamas Koh Chang


The estuary river which can be crossed easily at low tide is very quiet and if a beachfront is not your priority, have a look at Aana Resort & SpaBaan Rim Nam Guesthouse, Moley's Resort, or even Riverview Hostel. There are also good restaurants like Moley's and Iyara Seafood which can bring you to see the fireflies in the evening in the small mangrove. 

Moley's Resort Aana Resort & Spa Baan Rim Nam Guesthouse


On the south part of Klong Prao beach, there are Santhiya Tree Koh Chang Resort (ex Panviman Resort), Tiger Hut and KP Huts, Barali Beach Resort & Spa, Centara Tropicana Resort, Blue Lagoon Resort, The Dewa, The Emerald Cove Koh Chang Resort, Koh Chang Grand Cabana Hotel & Resort, and Magic Resort. From a luxurious room to a cheap hut, you have a large choice.

Santhiya Tree Koh Chang Resort Tiger Hut The Emerald Cove Koh Chang Resort Blue Lagoon Resort


There is also a lot of different kind of shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, and resorts along the main road from the north to the south of Klong Prao village. There are lots of places and stalls where you can buy fresh fruits and grilled food, especially in the evening and fa ew supermarkets as well as drugstores, massage parlours, laundries and places where you can rent scooters or bicycles. Like all the other villages on Koh Chang, there are also ATMs and banks where you can withdraw or change money.

Main road


On the main road, there are some good resorts like for example Bhu Tarn Koh Chang Resort & SpaRamayana Koh Chang Resort & Spa, Noren Resort, Sofia Garden Resort, The Gallery at Koh Chang, and Boonya Resort to name a few of them.

Bhu Tarn Koh Chang Resort & Spa Ramayana Koh Chang Resort & Spa Noren Resort Boonya Resort


For fitness addicts, Koh Chang Gym is the place where you can train. It's on the main road and on the north of Klong Prao, opposite side of Klong Prao Resort.

Koh Chang Gym


There are 3 elephant camps in Klong Prao: Klong Plu Ban Chang, Baan Chang Thai, and Baan Camp Chang. You cannot miss them, you will see the elephants from the main road. Lots of people are against elephant riding or wild animals in captivity. It's a difficult subject but you have to know that in Thailand there are wild and domestic elephants, like horses, camels or lamas for example in other countries.
Elephant owners on Koh Chang are taking very good care of their animals, they feed them and treat them well. Cruelty against animals is prohibited in Thailand and if they would maltreat their elephants the camps would be closed. As an animal lover, I prefer to feed them, bring them pineapples, bananas, sugar cane instead of riding them.

Klong Plu Ban Chang Ban Chang Thai Ban Camp Chang
Klong Plu Ban Chang Ban Chang Thai Ban Camp Chang


If you follow the road of Klong Plu Ban Chang elephant camp you will reach Klong Plu Waterfall, the tallest waterfall on the island.
Unfortunately, the entrance to this waterfall is not free compared to the others, but after a small walk of 500 meters through the jungle, you will reach this place where you can swim in the freshwater. From February to April, the water level is very low and the waterfalls may be dry. On the opposite side, during the rainy season, there is a lot of water with a strong stream making them too dangerous to swim in or even to be visited. 

Klong Plu Waterfall Klong Plu Waterfall Klong Plu Waterfall


Wat Klong Prao, a Buddhist temple, is in the center of Klong Prao village. Visitors are welcome, but like any other religious place, you must respect it. The entrance and visit are free and you can see the monks in their daily activities. Several times per year and in the evening, there are celebrations and happenings. Ask local people to know more or if you see they are preparing and installing equipment during the daytime then there will be something in the evening. Even if you are not Thai or not Buddhist, you are welcome.

Wat Klong Prao Wat Klong Prao Wat Klong Prao Wat Klong Prao Wat Klong Prao
Wat Klong Prao Wat Klong Prao Wat Klong Prao Wat Klong Prao


If you are looking for good bread, bakeries, sandwiches, breakfast, or snacks, I recommend Crust Bakery. They have a large choice of bread and pastries and I really love them. The bakery is located next to 7-11 and on the opposite side of Wat Klong Prao temple.

Crust Bakery Crust Bakery


This is for the main description of Klong Prao beach and village. There are of course more shops, restaurants, guesthouses, hotels and resorts, I just named the ones I like and that I always recommend. Have a look at the map below, it shows all the places you can visit in Klong Prao.


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Klong Prao beach

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