There are 7 waterfalls in Koh Chang, some are free while others ask for a "National Park" entry fee:

      • One in Kai Bae 
      • One in Klong Prao (Klong Plu waterfall - Entrance: 200 baht per person for foreigners and 80 bahts for Thai people)
      • One in Klong Son (Klong Jow Laem waterfall - No entrance fee)
      • Two on the east side of the island with Klong Nonsi waterfall in Dan Mai, near the police station (No entrance fee)
      • Two in the northeast, near Salak Phet, with one of them which is the tallest of Koh Chang, Klong Neung waterfall, and Kheeri Phet waterfall (No Entrance fee)
Kheeri Phet waterfall Kheeri Phet waterfall

All of them need a small walk in the forest to be accessed, you just have to follow the path. A few are more adventurous like there is no path and you will have to find them by yourself.

After walking in the hot and humid forest you can refresh yourself by swimming in the small pools. This is a pleasant experience which can be done by everybody.
Before starting to walk there, ask people how is the water level to be sure to not see only dry rocks as it depends on the season.