It's not because you are staying in Koh Chang that you cannot or can't visit other places nearby Koh Chang!

In one day, it's possible to leave early in the morning with the first ferries at sunrise and come back in the evening, at sunset.

Sunrise on Koh Chang Sunrise from the Ferry Sunset from the Ferry
Sunrise from the first-morning ferry Sunrise from the ferry Sunset from the ferry

By yourself, you can go to Trat and visit the city. But I really recommend you to go with somebody who knows the area, a guide or a resident to be sure to not lose your time turning around.

Otherwise, Thomas Koch Travel & Adventure can bring you in one day around Trat province, showing you rubber plantations, farms, small villages and what you don't find in any tourist guide.

At about one and a half-hour by car from Trat, you can go to the province of Chanthaburi.

Thomas Koch Travel & Adventure can arrange a one-day trip to Oasis Sea World, an 11 hectares park that is attracting visitors who delight in watching the dolphin shows and other entertaining activities such as swimming and playing with dolphins and fish spa.
These dolphins were mainly accidentally caught in fishermen’s nets in the Gulf of Thailand before being treated and trained by experts.
It's also one of the leading institutions that breed the Irrawaddy and Pink Humpback dolphins.
There are also a butterflies farm and other animals.

If you really want to experience something different, in a totally different atmosphere than the tourist attractions, then you have to visit Khao Khitchakut national park, the Holy Mountain, located in Chanthaburi National Park.
This mountain is opened to visitors only a couple of months per year and it attracts thousands of pilgrims to pray but also to see the giant footprint of Buddha left in the rock.
From Koh Chang, the best way is to go with Thomas Koch Travel & Adventure or Thaifun who are both organising such a day trip, picking you up in the morning at your resort and bringing you back in the evening.

Thaifun minibus Thomas Koch Travel & Adventure minibus

Have a look at our article about Khao Khitchakut, "The Stairway to Heaven!". The video below shows the trip to the top of the Holy mountain.