There are 2 ferry companies that operate between the mainland and Koh Chang.
Both transport vehicles and passengers. There is about 10km between both piers on the mainland and about 3km on Koh Chang.
In the ferries, you can purchase fresh and hot drinks, candies, chips, snacks, Mama noodles, sometimes fresh juices and shakes. On the mainland or on Koh Chang, there are some small stores at the piers where you can also buy drinks and food.
Prices are the same for both companies, 80 baht per adult and per way. You can buy your tickets directly at the pier or as a package with a private taxi or bus ticket.



Ferry Koh Chang Ferry Koh Chang Ferry Koh Chang

- Ferry Koh Chang is the most used company. They operate between Ao Thammachat pier on the mainland and Ao Sapporot pier on Koh Chang.

Ferry Koh Chang

The first ferry starts at 6:45 until 18:30 and it's every hour. The trip lasts about 30 minutes. During high season or long and busy weekends, they can add extra ferries. Depending of the weather the timetable may change.

Ao Thammachat pier (Mainland) Ao Sapporot pier (Koh Chang)
6:45 6:45
7:45 7:45
8:45 8:45
9:45 9:45
10:45 10:45
11:45 11:45
12:45 12:45
13:45 13:45
14:45 14:45
15:45 15:45
16:45 16:45
17:45 17:45
18:30 18:30

- Centerpoint ferry operates between the Mainland pier and Center Point pier on Koh Chang.

Centerpoint ferry Centerpoint ferry Centerpoint ferry

They also start from 6:45 until 18:30 but they are not so regular as Ferry Koh Chang and the crossing lasts about 45 minutes. Like Ferry Koh Chang, the timetable may change depending on the weather and the season.

Mainland pier centerpoint pier (Koh Chang)
6:45 6:00
9:00 9:00
11:00 11:00
13:30 13:30
15:00 15:00
17:00 17:00
18:30 18:30


Which one to choose, Ferry Koh Chang or Centerpoint Ferry?
It's a question of taste and time. Ferry Koh Chang are a bit more spacious for passengers compared to Centerpoint ferries. Even if Ferry Koh Chang has a ferry every hour and spends less time to cross the channel, very often during long weekends there are huge waiting lines and in this case, Centerpoint Ferry may not be so busy. In any way, they will both bring you to the other side.

Ferry Koh Chang Ferry Koh Chang Ferry Koh Chang
Ferry Koh Chang Ferry Koh Chang