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14 August 2017

Another resort has been added to my recommended list. Little Eden Bungalows & Restaurant is located on the north part of Lonely Beach.
Awarded for several years by TripAdvisor, it's a sanctuary for the well keeping of travellers and holiday makers, it offers an affordable high quality, from the great morning coffee, nourishing breakfasts, Thai and Western cuisine to the soft stylish bed linen and even shampoo and shower gel.

Little Eden Bungalows & Restaurant Little Eden Bungalows & Restaurant Little Eden Bungalows & Restaurant Little Eden Bungalows & Restaurant

For more details, read Little Eden Bungalows & Restaurant's review!

12 August 2017

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday to Her Majesty the Queen!

Mother’s Day was first introduced to Thailand on 15th of April, 1950. In 1976, Mother’s Day was changed to 12th of August to commemorate the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit ,the Mother of all Thai people.

09 August 2017

On the 12th of this month will be celebrated Mother's Day here in Thailand and for this occasion Miss Coffee from Naka Tattoo Studio in White Sand beach is doing a special offer which is available until the end of this month.
The Bubble-Beds which are normally sold 1290 baht in her shop are now at 1110 baht and it includes a free delivery in Thailand with ems.
Those beds or sofas are very comfortable, easy to inflate, pack and transport and they can be used everywhere, even on the water, as soon it's not a sharp surface.

For more information you can contact Coffee directly. Look at her website / Facebook page or why not visit her in her studio (look at the Google Street View below).

07 August 2017

It has been a month since the last update.
The weather has been very wet on Koh Chang and it's sometimes a good opportunity to take holidays. I've been posting on Facebook, replying to the emails and messages I got but I decided to take a small break with the website's updates.

So what has happened last month on Koh Chang? Not so much, the weather has been very bad, few small storms and lots of heavy rain with sometimes sunny breaks. It hasn't been raining so much for years. Like every monsoon (rainy season), the sea is dangerous, there are strong rip currents. That's the reason why you can see red flags on the beaches. All over the world, a red flag means a danger and swimming is forbidden. There is no exception on Koh Chang, but like every year, there are some people who think they know how to swim, or think they are stronger than the sea. Those people are real idiots because they end their holidays under a white sheet but they also risk the life of the rescuers.

Again, some people have drown or almost drown last month because they didn't respect the warnings.


If you want to have your wedding ceremony on Koh Chang, why not to do it at Blue Lagoon Resort? Blue Lagoon's staff can help you to organise it, from the dress rental to the party dinner. Tell them your wishes and they will do their best to make this day as beautiful as possible. 

Even if it's raining, it's warm and instead of staying inside your room or bungalow, why not to go out and enjoy good food or a delicious ice-cream?
Suncity View in Lonely beach is a nice place to have such good dessert but also to just relax, watch the sea and why not use their free Wi-Fi and chat with your friends.

Last season Ms. Coffee from Naka Tattoo Studio in White Sand beach was selling inflatable sofas that she is calling "Bubble BED". It was a huge success and her stock was sold out in a couple of weeks.
She is now back with new models, stronger than the last ones, with a pocket on the side and in different colours. They are super comfortable, very easy to inflate and once folded and packed, very easy to carry. You can buy them directly from her store in White Sand or contact her from her website or Facebook page.

05 July 2017

Klong Prao Beach today
Klong Prao Resort on the left and Wari Coffee in front

July-August is the summer-holidays time in Europe while in Koh Chang it's still the low season which is very quiet. Some parts of the island even look like ghost towns.
The weather is mixed, sometimes raining, sometimes sunny. If desert streets and beaches don't bother you and if you are not scared of the weather, then you can get very good deals in hotels and resorts.


Scored 9.1 on booking.com, Pearl Beach Holiday Apartment is available for short and long stays.

Pearl Beach Holiday Apartment Pearl Beach Holiday Apartment Pearl Beach Holiday Apartment Pearl Beach Holiday Apartment Pearl Beach Holiday Apartment

Located in Pearl beach, opposite side of Big C supermarket, just south of White Sand beach, this 75 sq.m. apartment includes a kitchen, a big lounge, 1.5 bedrooms, a bathroom and a balcony. There are two double beds (one in the lounge) and one single bed, a proper big fridge, a flatscreen TV with cable, 100 Mb Wi-Fi, a microwave, a grill, kitchen stuff & dining table. Aircon in the bedroom and free book loans from the bookshop downstairs where you can meet the lovely owners.
It's not a 5-star hotel but it's 900 baht per night during the low season.
For more information you can call 081-919-8219 or email me and I will forward you to the owner.

Some of you are now planning your next holidays in Thailand and maybe in Koh Chang. If you have never been here, you are maybe wondering where to stay, on which part of the island and in which resort, hotel or guesthouse.
I have listed and reviewed some of them where I could stay myself, offering good services and clean and comfortable rooms. They are divided by area (beach) and you can find them here.
I have also added all the places (resorts, hotels and guesthouses) which have been awarded this year by TripAdvisor. You will find a short description but also all the useful links (website, Facebook page, email and best prices).

Resorts, Hotels and Guesthouses awarded in 2017 by TripAdvisor

15 Palms Beach Resort in White Sand beach has been in renovation and is now opened. With a score of 8.6/10 on booking.com and with beachfront and sea view rooms.

15 Palms Beach Resort 15 Palms Beach Resort 15 Palms Beach Resort

With a score of 8.7/10 on booking.com and awarded this year by TripAdvisor Nest Sense Resort is located in the south of Lonely Beach. They have very nice seaview rooms and villas with their private swimming-pool. It's just another suggestion where to stay on Koh Chang.

Nest Sense Resort Nest Sense Resort

And located on the south of the island, directly on Klong Kloi beach, in Bang Bao, Chivapuri Beach Resort has been scored 9/10 on booking.com and also got the 2017 TripAdvisor award. It's one of the quietest beaches of the island.

Chivapuri Beach resort Chivapuri Beach resort Chivapuri Beach resort

Have you ever been thinking about moving to Koh Chang and starting a new life or maybe spending your retirement on the Paradise island? Make you dream comes true!

Located in Klong Son on the north west of Koh Chang and at 350 meters from a beautiful and quiet sandy beach, your new condo is waiting for you.
1, 2 and 3 bedroom units with an elegant, luxurious and modern design, a 4-star boutique condo is featuring 20 units. Each condo has its own terrace, some overlook the river, others the Marina. On the surrounding residential development there are three large swimming pools, a nine-hole pitch & putt golf course and a number of bars and restaurants.
If you want, multiple condos can be joined to form larger customised units. The two planned condo units will be connected by another building which is accessible to all residents and other guests which has a large saltwater swimming pool, a lounge area and a few shop units.
There’s a choice of large studios between 68.32 and 69.56 sq.m, good sized 1-bedroom units at 86.75 sq.m. and 2 or 3 bedroom units that are a generous 180.53 sq.m.

All Units come fully constructed and furnished, including high-speed Internet, LED flatscreen TV, inverter type air conditioning in all bedrooms, lighting and power in all rooms, uPVC external doors & windows, a safe for your valuables, fully fitted bathroom, kitchenette with full set of kitchen equipment, complete furniture package for bedroom and living/dining room, terrace with outdoor furniture and a free parking space.

New Condos by a Marina New Condos by a Marina New Condos by a Marina New Condos by a Marina

And if you prefer to build your own house, villa or guesthouse, why not to buy a land?

This large plot of land is located in the beautiful Salak Phet Bay close to Salak Phet Seafood restaurant. The land has Nor Sor Sam Gor title, which is a secure title deed. The land has absolute waterfront and then rises up a hillside back from the water’s edge, offering fantastic views out over the island-filled bay. You get the waterfront and the view over the bay.

Land for sale Land for sale Land for sale

If you are interested by a condo or by the land or if you want to have more information, just send an email to: info@koh-chang-property.com

Before ending let's talk about food!
What's about this delicious tapas plate? You can get it at the Wine Gallery in Kai Bae.

Tapas at Wine Gallery

I will finish this post with a beautiful sunset from the roof terrace of Suncity View in Lonely Beach and with this vanilla ice cream on top of a small pancake surrounded by sliced kiwi and banana with toasted almond. Strawberry and chocolate sauces on the side. Does it sound good? At least it's delicious!

Suncity View Suncity View

25 June 2017

This week Keep Koh Chang Clean has organised a big cleaning from Bang Bao to Lonely Beach. About 70 people joined and even if it has been sometimes raining, the cleaning has been done like always, in a very good and friendly atmosphere.
Thank you to all the volunteers, to The Koh Chang Rescue and also to Koh Chang Paradise Resort & Spa's staff who came to help.

The new Koh Chang Treasure Map is now online. You can download it here: map
This map is full of useful information, you can print it but you can also get it for free almost everywhere on Koh Chang. Where ever you go on the island, keep it always in your bag or in your pocket if you have big pockets :)

Koh Chang Treasure Map

If you want to discover and learn more about Koh Chang, local life, hidden places but also discover the nature, I really recommend you Thomas Koch Travel & Adventure. Teerasak, also known as Thomas is not only an excellent guide who knows almost everything about Koh Chang, he is also a very nice and helpful person.
He is very friendly and he loves Koh Chang with its wildlife. He will also do his best to make you happy and give you amazing memories of your stay on Koh Chang.

Here are some nature pictures taken by Benjamin Laîné who spent a day with Thomas to discover the beautiful nature which is surrounding us.

And finally the most asked question about Koh Chang; the weather!
If you have been in White Sand beach this weekend you have maybe seen Snow. Yes, you don't dream, I wrote "Snow".
Snow is this lovely dog which is living at White Sand Beach Resort :) 

White Sand Beach Resort is located on the north part of White Sand Beach and directly on the beachfront. It's not very far from the busy street but you will need to walk to reach this place.
They have different types of bungalows, all with a/c, TV, minibar and private bathroom with shower. Rooms are a bit outdated but if you are looking for a quiet and authentic place and in front of a sandy beach, then you will love it.

Check White Sand Beach Resort Prices and Availability!

20 June 2017

The new Koh Chang Guide has been released. As always, there are a lot of useful information and maps. You can read it online here.

17 June 2017

Lots of you are now planning your next trip to Koh Chang or to Thailand. If you are coming during the peak season which is from mid-December to end of February, don't wait the last moment to book your hotel, resort or guesthouse. The best ones will be or are maybe already fully booked.

Choosing a place where to stay is not very easy when you have never been in Koh Chang. To help you have have reviewed some resorts, hotels, guesthouses and hostels where I could stay myself without any bad surprises and with a pleasant location and atmosphere.
Those reviews are detailed with all the information you need and they are divided by area. On top of that you have the location on Google Map and I have now added the Booking.com ranking which depends of the guests reviews who have booked and really stayed in those places. No fake reviews from friends or competitors like it can be on other websites.

As you can see on the screenshot above, on top of the review there is now the number given by Booking.com and the amount of reviews. By clicking on this button you will open the hotel's page where you can read all those guests reviews.

Here is the list of places I have reviewed: Where to stay
On the left side you will see a menu with the different areas or beaches where are located those places.

 At the beginning of the year I listed all the places which have been awarded by Tripadvisor. Each place has a brief description with all the information needed: TripAdvisor Awards 2017

Like this year there have been 47 places which have been awarded, I have dispatched them by area: Klong Son, White Sand Beach, Pearl Beach, Chai Chet, Klong Prao, Kai Bae, Lonely Beach, Bailan, Bang Bao and the East Coast.

And if you still don't know where to stay, have a look at the offers below!


14 June 2017

There is a large choice of restaurants on Koh Chang, everybody will find what they like. Thai food of course, from the street food stalls to the fine dining restaurants revisiting the Thai cuisine in a modern or luxurious way but there are also a lot of European restaurants serving German, Italian, French, Scandinavian, English,.. specialty food as well as burgers and sandwiches, but there is also Indian food.

Taste of India is as you can guess an Idian restaurant which is located in White Sand beach, on the hill side and between Palm Garden Hotel and Oodie's Place. It's opened everyday, even during the low season.
This restaurant has already a very good reputation and it's the best place to eat Indian. Curry lovers and vegetarians will also love it.

Taste of India Taste of India Taste of India

I often post about The Koh Chang Rescue which is ran by volunteers, available 24/7 to help people. They do a great job to protect and to save us. They are often out to rescue people from drowning or from road accidents, to cut trees which fall on roads or houses, to catch snakes who got adventurious inside people's houses or gardens and then to release them into the jungle, to remove swarm of wasps, hornets or bees which become too dangerous or to stop fires before the firemen arrive. Quite a lot of works already just for us but they also rescue animals like this dog hit yesterday by a scooter which was driving too fast. The poor dog was on the side of the road and couldn't move. The rescue brought her (it was a girl) to the animal clinic but unfortunatly she didn't survive and passed away :(

Koh Chang Rescue Koh Chang Rescue Koh Chang Rescue

Happy Dogs Koh Chang is a dog rescue organisation and sanctuary, also ran by volunteers. They try to take care of stray animals on the island like dogs and cats, bringing them food but also health care. They often organised spaying and neutering campaigns to keep the population of stray animals down on the island.
You can support this organisation by donations with dry-food, treatments, toys, medicines, collars & leads, blankets, and so on. All the information are on their website: Happy Dogs Koh Chang

 Happy Dogs Koh Chang

On Monday the Rotary Club visited The Koh Chang Rescue to give them new extrication tools. The Rotary Club has been organising events to collect money to buy this expensive but very useful equipment which was missing to the rescuers.
With the numerous road accidents I guess this tool won't stay in its box and will be used very often.

Let's talk about the weather!
The most popular topic and the most ask questions are about the weather. Yes it's still the rainy season, yes last week there has been a couple of short but strong storms, yes it has been raining cats and dogs but the sun and blue sky are back. I can't say for how long but it's just to show you that nobody can predict the weather, it can change so fast from day to day, even from morning to evening.
Here is White Sand beach yesterday afternoon!

White Sand Beach White Sand Beach

Don't miss the sunsets, even if the sky is cloudy, there are now very nice colours before, during and after the sunset.

Sunset from Lonely Beach

05 May 2017

Rainy day this morning on Koh Chang and it doesn't seems it will stop in the afternoon.

What is or are the best things to do when it's raining if you don't want to stay inside your room, stuck watching TV or surfing the net? If you don't want to get wet, there isn't a lot to do except visiting bars and restaurants. Or why not use this opportunity to follow Thai cooking courses, there are few places teaching even during the low season.
Or if you have been thinking about getting tattooed, it's also the perfect time to do it. There are lots of tattooists on the island.

Otherwise if rain and getting wet doesn't bother you at all, jump in a taxi (I wouldn't recommend you to ride a scooter when roads are wet. Be safe, roads are slippery) or order a guide and visit the island. There are nice places, even when the sky is grey. Waterfalls are at their best now, places which are busy during the high season are now very quiet and peaceful.

And if the weather is grey and wet, you can still get nice evenings. Here is a nice shot from Jonathan Milnes, aka The Koh Chang Photographer.

Sunset from Lonely Beach

I have added a new restaurant in the places that I recommend to visit.
Suncity View is new restaurant located in Lonely Beach and managed by Miss Kiekie, a lovely woman whose big passion is cooking. The restaurant is at about 10 minutes walk from the centre of the village and it’s just in front of the beach. It’s opened daily from 10.30 am to 10.30 pm, all the year, even during the low season.
Kiekie loves to revisit the traditional Thai cooking but also to cook healthy. On the opposite way, her desserts are just huge and full of calories.

Suncity View in Koh Chang Suncity View Suncity View Suncity View Suncity View

For more details, read Suncity View's review!

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