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20 August 2018

Here is another way to discover Koh Chang, from inside, deep into the jungle.
Sit from Jungle Trip Koh Chang is a guide I recommend. He knows everything about Koh Chang wildlife. Sit is organising jungle day but also night treks. You will spend 24 hours with him inside the jungle, discovering the unseen and witness the most beautiful sunrise from the top of the island.

Sit from Jungle Trip Koh Chang Jungle Trip Koh Chang Jungle Trip Koh Chang


Discover Jungle Trip Koh Chang!

Jungle Trip Koh Chang

08 August 2018

A few days ago I heard that the UTKC (Ultra-Trail Unseen Koh Chang) will maybe not be re-edited in 2019. Today the news became official on Facebook and as far as I know, there won't be more UTKC.
I don't really know the reason but this event which started its first edition in February 2015 became popular in the world of trail and ultra-trail runners. The last editions attracted about 2000 participants for more than 30 different countries.
It also brought more life to the south-east of Koh Chang, during those few days the activity on this quiet part of the island was at its maximum, hotels, guesthouses and resorts nearby where completely full. It was very interesting for the local economy without talking about the money Teelakow organisation was giving to Salak Phet school.

So in 2019, there is no trail or ultra-trail planned on Koh Chang. End of March 2019 there will be one race in Trat and one in Koh Kood in June 2019. I hope the UTKC will come back, maybe with a new organisation and with its friendly and festive atmosphere.

04 August 2018

It has been a month since the last update. The monsoon came and it was time to have holidays.
The weather on Koh Chang has been wet but there have been sunny days, afternoons or evenings. And as always nobody knows how it will be the followings days and weeks.

Monsoon, rainy, green or low season, all are the same, it just depends on people's point of view. Meteorologists call it monsoon, resorts and hotels will name it the low season as their frequentation is lower, having fewer guests and locals would prefer to say it's the green season, wet days, plants are greener and it's less depressing to say and think green than rainy or low.

Anyway, this is the time of the year resorts, hotels and guesthouses are renovating or improving their place and it's the case of T.P. Hut Bungalows in Pearl beach. This nice and quiet resort which is located on the mountains' side, away from the busy main road and at the edge of the jungle has now a very nice swimming pool and a bar.
If you are looking for a calm place to spend relaxing holidays and don't feel the need to move then it will be perfect for you.

TP Hut Bungalows, Pearl Beach TP Hut Bungalows, Pearl Beach TP Hut Bungalows, Pearl Beach

Discover T.P. Hut Bungalows!

05 July 2018

If you are looking for something different than a hotel, a resort or a cheap hut, what about one of these 2 apartments which are located in Pearl beach?
They offer all that you need, comfortable beds, private bathroom with shower and hot water, fridge, microwave, a/c, Wi-Fi with high-speed internet connection, TV with Netflix, and even more!

Pearl Beach Holiday Apartment

Discover Pearl Beach Holiday Apartment!

03 July 2018

A "must do" activity if you are going to Koh Chang. It's an eco-friendly attraction in Bailan for all the family, which requires exercise, balance and gives a lot of fun.

Treetop Adventure Park - Bailan

Discover Treetop Adventure Park!

29 June 2018

Trash Hero is a Swiss Environmental Foundation which has a mission to bring communities together to clean and reduce waste worldwide.
Last March Trash Hero Koh Chang was born. Every Wednesday a clean up is organised on the island, and several tons of waste have already been removed from streets, roads, forests, beaches,... Local people are also educated about the importance to keep the environment clean.
Everybody is welcome!

Learn more about Trash Hero Koh Chang:

Trash Hero Koh Chang

(Trash Hero Koh Chang)

24 June 2018

I continue with the sports which can be played on Koh Chang.
Did you know there is a campus on Koh Chang where you can play volleyball? Have you ever heard about the Koh Chang Beach Cricket tournament? What about ATV? Have you ever played sepak takraw or footvolley?
You can now find all these sports on this website.

Volleyball on Koh Chang Beach cricket on Koh Chang
ATV on Koh Chang Sepak takraw on Koh Chang

19 June 2018

The new Koh Chnag Guide has just been released and as always it's full of very useful information.

The Koh Chang Guide

You can download your free version here!

More sports which can be done on Koh Chang have been added to the website. There is a large choice and the list continues to grow, just be patient.

Diving and Snorkelling on Koh Chang Freediving on Koh Chang Trail and Ultra-trail on Koh Chang

8 June 2018

Koh Chang is not only an island with white sand beaches, resorts and hotels, restaurants and pubs and a wide jungle full of animals and insects, it's also a national park with an archipelago of 54 islands and of course an underwater life.

And the best way to discover the underwater life is to get a mask, a snorkel and why not a pair of fins. But to see beautiful and colourful fish, you will need to get a tour boat to bring you to the snorkelling sites. And if you want to go deeper, there are several diving centers for beginners to experienced divers.

 To know more about Diving and Snorkelling in Koh Chang:

31 May 2018

Are you planning to get married? Why not to do it on Koh Chang?

Here is another wedding which has been organised by Koh Chang Wedding and which took place at Shambhala Beach Bar in Klong Son, on Chang Noi beach, inside Siam Royal View.

Koh Chang Wedding has planned and arranged everything, from the flowers to the ceremony. They give you all the support you need and you can plan in advance and in details your dream wedding and you can forget all the stress of the organisation.
For this wedding, the Henna tattoos have been made by King Tattoo and the pictures and video are from Phusitphotography.

For more information please contact directly Koh Chang wedding:
- Website: www.kohchang-wedding.com
- Facebook: www.facebook.com/Kohchangwedding.in.th
- Email: rsvnkohchangwedding@gmail.com
 LINE ID: kohchang-wedding
- Skype: tawansai

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