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13 October 2018

Have you ever been wondering if Koh Chang would be a good holiday destination if you are travelling with a baby or a toddler?
Koh Chang is not a party island, most of the areas are very quiet, even during the high season. You don't have to worry, you won't be the first and the last ones to visit Koh Chang with a baby or young kid.
You can find almost everything you need here. All what you need to know is here:

Travelling with kids
(Travelling with kids)

03 October 2018

Sun, rain, sun! This is how has been the weather the last days and now it's very warm again.

Lonely Beach


A new place has been added to my recommendation list.
Porn's Bungalow is the only backpacker-style place you can find in Kai Bae and it's located directly on the beach front. They propose different types and sizes of Bungalow facing the sea.

Porn's Bungalow

Discover Porn's Bungalow!

28 September 2018

It's Friday, it's still the rainy season but the past days the weather has been very nice. Here is a picture taken yesterday afternoon on the north part of Klong Prao beach, just in front of Koh Chang Paradise Resort & Spa. As you can see there isn't a lot of people on the beach.

North part of Klong Prao beach

A new hostel will open on Klong Prao estuary on the 15th of October.
Riverview Hostel will be a dorm with 10 bunk beds for 20 people. There will be air conditioning, a bathroom with shower and with cold and hot water, a kitchen for everybody, a terrace with furniture, a balcony and a beautiful view of the river.
If you are looking for a quiet and cheap place and don't mind to live with other people, then this is made for you.

It's located on the side of Phu-Talay Seafood restaurant and close to the excellent Moley's Resort where I recommend the food and the drinks :) You will love this place and area.

Riverview Hostel Riverview Hostel
Riverview Hostel Riverview Hostel Riverview Hostel Riverview Hostel Riverview Hostel

For more information, visit Riverview Hostel Facebook page and if you are not registered to Facebook, send me an email and I will forward it to the hostel Manager.

26 September 2018

Have you ever noticed the stairs in front of the International Clinic and been wondering what was on the top?
Between White Sand beach and Pearl beach and just on the opposite side of Koh Chang International Clinic stands the Thai Navy Shrine. To reach it you will have to climb the steep stairs or use the side concrete road.
On top of the hill, there is a memorial to honour the father of the Royal Thai Navy and a 180 degrees view of the sea.

Thai Navy Shrine
(Discover the Thai Navy Shrine!)

Help and support Happy Dogs Koh Chang!
This non-profit organisation which looks after Koh Chang stray dogs and cats needs your help. Every day Tina and her volunteers browse the island to feed, rescue and treat those stray and abandoned animals. They also organise spaying and neutering campaigns to stabilise dogs population on the island.
All kind of donation and help are welcome! To know more about Happy Dogs Koh Chang:

Happy Dogs Koh Chang
Happy Dogs Koh Chang

20 September 2018

Some of you have planned to spend some time on Koh Kood. Koh Kood is smaller than Koh Chang and lifestyle is completely different between those 2 islands.
Koh Kood is very quiet, even extremely quiet. There aren't so many things to do compared to Koh Chang. The traffic is extremely light and roads are in a very good quality. Don't expect to catch a taxi like on Koh Chang. On Koh Kood, it's better to rent a scooter and discover the island by yourself.

So what to do on Koh Kood? What people like the most are the beaches and the sea. There are nice white sand beaches and the water is crystal clear. There are good snorkelling or diving spots. Inside the island, there are 3 waterfalls where you can even swim but depending on the season there may be not a lot of water, and a 500 years old sacried tree. On the south-east, there is a small fisherman village with stilt houses and a few good seafood restaurants. That's all, no nightlife or beach parties!
Most people who go to Koh Kood just want to relax, sunbath in peace and that's all.

During the high season, you can go to Koh Kood from Koh Chang by speedboat. It takes about 1 and half hour. In the rainy season, the only way is to take a fast ferry from the mainland. Those ferries are running all year long, they are cheaper than Koh Chang speedboats and also faster, it takes only 45 minutes.

On Koh Kood, prices are higher than on Koh Chang and there is only one ATM on the island (when it's working). There are a few good resorts and guesthouses but my favourite is Shantaa. When I want to relax and do nothing else than relaxing I go to Shantaa. This is not a mass-tourism resort, they could built 10 times more bungalows on their property but the Thai owners who are also from Koh Kood preferred to keep it quiet for their guests and have only a few bungalows that they call "Sweets". And it's what I like, even if the resort is fully booked, I all the time have the feeling to be alone.

Have a look at my review and if you are looking for Tranquility I'm sure you will love Shantaa:

(Discover Shantaa Koh Kood)

Here is Koh Kood & and Koh Mak Treasure map. You can download it or read it online here:

(Read or download Koh Kood and Koh Mak Treasure Map)

10 September 2018

The new Koh Chang Guide is now available online. As always, it's full of usefull information and news about Koh Chang.
You can read it or download it from here.

01 September 2018

It's the rainy season time and I have nothing better to do than updating the website, adding more useful information and more pictures. 

I've listed almost all the sports which can be done on Koh Chang. The list is long and I still have a few to add. You can find this list in the top menu Koh Chang -> Sports.

I've been also updating the temples page with more recent pictures. On the map with is on top of this page you will see the location of Koh Chang temples and most famous shrines. I still have a couple of temple pictures to add but it's almost ready.
Today I went to see the construction of Wat Rong Than which is located on the south-east of the island, overlooking the bay of Salak Phet. It should be ready in 2-3 years and I will be interested to see when the 29 meters high Buddha statue will be done. They said people will be able to see it from all Salak Phet bay.

Koh Chang Temple

20 August 2018

Here is another way to discover Koh Chang, from inside, deep into the jungle.
Sit from Jungle Trip Koh Chang is a guide I recommend. He knows everything about Koh Chang wildlife. Sit is organising jungle day but also night treks. You will spend 24 hours with him inside the jungle, discovering the unseen and witness the most beautiful sunrise from the top of the island.

Sit from Jungle Trip Koh Chang Jungle Trip Koh Chang Jungle Trip Koh Chang


Discover Jungle Trip Koh Chang!

Jungle Trip Koh Chang

08 August 2018

A few days ago I heard that the UTKC (Ultra-Trail Unseen Koh Chang) will maybe not be re-edited in 2019. Today the news became official on Facebook and as far as I know, there won't be more UTKC.
I don't really know the reason but this event which started its first edition in February 2015 became popular in the world of trail and ultra-trail runners. The last editions attracted about 2000 participants for more than 30 different countries.
It also brought more life to the south-east of Koh Chang, during those few days the activity on this quiet part of the island was at its maximum, hotels, guesthouses and resorts nearby where completely full. It was very interesting for the local economy without talking about the money Teelakow organisation was giving to Salak Phet school.

So in 2019, there is no trail or ultra-trail planned on Koh Chang. End of March 2019 there will be one race in Trat and one in Koh Kood in June 2019. I hope the UTKC will come back, maybe with a new organisation and with its friendly and festive atmosphere.

04 August 2018

It has been a month since the last update. The monsoon came and it was time to have holidays.
The weather on Koh Chang has been wet but there have been sunny days, afternoons or evenings. And as always nobody knows how it will be the followings days and weeks.

Monsoon, rainy, green or low season, all are the same, it just depends on people's point of view. Meteorologists call it monsoon, resorts and hotels will name it the low season as their frequentation is lower, having fewer guests and locals would prefer to say it's the green season, wet days, plants are greener and it's less depressing to say and think green than rainy or low.

Anyway, this is the time of the year resorts, hotels and guesthouses are renovating or improving their place and it's the case of T.P. Hut Bungalows in Pearl beach. This nice and quiet resort which is located on the mountains' side, away from the busy main road and at the edge of the jungle has now a very nice swimming pool and a bar.
If you are looking for a calm place to spend relaxing holidays and don't feel the need to move then it will be perfect for you.

TP Hut Bungalows, Pearl Beach TP Hut Bungalows, Pearl Beach TP Hut Bungalows, Pearl Beach

Discover T.P. Hut Bungalows!

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