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There are several temples in the island. Temples are places which must be respected even if you don't have the same religion. Most of Thai people living in Koh Chang are Buddhist and they go to the temples to pray and to make donations like flowers, food and money.

The most known Temples are the Chinese Temple and the Temples of Klong Prao and Salak Phet. The 2 first are free to visit while you have to pay 20 THB to go inside the third one located nearby Salak Phet.

The Chinese Temple is on the north of the island, just near the main road, between Klong Son and the ferry pier. You may not notice it like it's on a hilltop, higher than the road but you will listen the drivers horning 3 times to say "Hello" to the spirits.
To access it you have to walk on the 108 small steps. It's not very big but it's a beautiful place to see. It's a Chinese design, very colourful with a lot of dragon and peacock statues.
There are hundreds of elephant statues of different sizes and inside the temple stands a statue of the Koh Chang Godfather.

Koh Chang Godfather

Like all temples, you have to remove your shoes if you want to go inside.

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Wat Klong Prao (Wat means Temple) is located in Klong Prao village, also nearby the main road. This one, you cannot miss it. Buddhist monks are living there and you can see them in their daily activities. There is the main big temple as well as smaller buildings.
There is a big garden with flowers, statues, dogs and chickens walking freely.
Sometimes there are some happenings, especially in the evening. All visitors are very welcome, even if they are not Buddhist.

Wat Klong Prao Wat Klong Prao Wat Klong Prao
Wat Klong Prao Wat Klong Prao Wat Klong Prao

The third temple is located on the north east side of the island. You have to pay an entrance of 20 THB is you want to go inside which is nothing compared to the beauty of the work that you will discover.
There are 2 buildings, the big temple which has been built recently and finished in 2012 and the smaller one, which is the original temple and the oldest, built more than 100 years ago and which is now a museum. 


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