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If you like fishing, you will be happy to be in Thailand, especially in Koh Chang.
Fishing is possible and you can bring your own equipment but you can also buy it or even rent it in different places on the island.

There are different locations where you can fish but if you want to catch big ones, the best is to do it from a boat. Because of the national park you cannot fish everywhere, there are lots of protected areas.
The best is to ask first and be sure you won't get any troubles. 

There are also boat companies which are arranging full-day, half-day or night fishing trips. They are supplying the equipment as well as the food. If you are a bit adventurous you can also try to meet local fishermen and ask them if you can go with them. Be careful, some of them do not speak or understand English, they may reply "yes" to all your questions like for example if they are coming back in the evening. And you will get the bad surprise to spend the night fishing squids and coming back the day after in the morning. So be sure that everything is clear between them and you before joining them.

"Eat here" restaurant in Klong Son is arranging such trips. You will have to go by yourself to Klong Son but they can also help you to arrange the trip.
This is one of the cheapest fishing day-trip you can find on the island but to get such low price they must have at least 13 persons on board.

Fishing trip

The trip starts at 8.30 am until 6.00 pm. They supply all the fishing equipment and the trip includes the lunch. Soft and alcoholic beverages are extras, but water and ice cubes are free of charge.

Fishing trip Fishing trip Fishing trip Fishing trip

The morning is spent to fish while the captain and the crew are preparing the lunch. After the lunch the boat will stop to a good place where you can swim and snorkel. They also supply all the snorkelling equipment.

Snorkelling and swimming Snorkelling and swimming Snorkelling and swimming

If you wish it, in the evening the restaurant can cook your catch. They will just charge you the preparation of the fish and the extras.

Cooking the catch of the day Cooking the catch of the day

It's also possible to enjoy night fishing. It will start at 6.00 pm until the next morning. This is an interesting experience, you will be able to catch squids but also barracudas and bigger ones. The trip also includes the dinner!

Night fishing Night fishing Night fishing Night fishing

If you have a very big family or if you want to only be with your friends, it's also possible to rent the boat with the crew for the day and just for you. Prices are on the link of the website you will find below.

Fishing trip

I really recommend "Eat here" and their fishing/snorkelling tour, you will spend a really nice time.
For more information you can contact them directly:
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fishing-and-snorkeling-Klong-Son-Koh-Chang
- Website: http://restaurant-eat-here-klong-son-koh-chang.made-in-asia.net

If your have the budget for, you also have the solution to rent a small boat with its pilot and go to fish wherever you like. This is the most expensive option but you can leave and come back when you want. No need to socialise with other people you don't know, you will just fish and chat with the pilot. You can come alone or with your family or friends. The price will also depends of the size of the boat.
All the equipment is also provided and in some cases, it's also possible to eat in the boat or to stop on a small beach and grill your own food.

For more information, send me an email and I will give you all the details.


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