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31 January 2015

From Monday to Friday the X-Bar is offering alcoholic cocktails for 99 THB. Located in Kai Bae, between Chang Park Resort and The Chill Resort, they are happy to welcome you.

X-Bar in Kai Bae Every Monday Special Wiskey Cocktails
Every Tuesday Ladies Night Every Wednesday Special Tequilla Cocktails
Every Thursday Special Flaming Cocktails Every Monday Special Vodka Cocktails

29 January 2015

There is a group of volunteers in Koh Chang who have decided last year to clean the island and to remove as many trashes as possible. This group is made of residents, Thai and foreigners but everybody can join and give a couples of his own hours. The Rangers have been sometimes joining them, even the Police and the Army.
This action has been a big success last year from Bang Bao beach to White Sand beach making the island cleaner and more attractive.

Tomorrow there will be another big cleaning in Lonely beach. The meeting point will be at 12:30 at Gu Bay Shop/Bar, on the opposite side of The Kitchen restaurant. They will try to remove the garbage near the main road from Siam Beach resort  to Paradise Cottage.

Everybody is welcome! Big plastic bags and gloves are welcome too! ;)
You can also join and follow the Keep Koh Chang Clean Facebook Group too.

Keep Koh Chang Clean! Keep Koh Chang Clean!
Keep Koh Chang Clean! Keep Koh Chang Clean!
Keep Koh Chang Clean! Keep Koh Chang Clean!

28 January 2015

It's all the time a pleasure to meet nice people and to talk about them. Milano Fashion is a tailor store owned by a lovely couple, Roger and Meme, native from Burma and based in Koh Chang for ages. Roger is one of the first tailors of the island and he is different than the others.
Most of the tailors are well known for catching their customers from the street, begging them to come in just to look and once inside you feel stuck and you won't be able to escape without buying something. This is not their style at all!
I will not write about their experience and what they can do for you, this you can read it from their webpage. Their kindness is remarkable, they are one of the nicest couples you can meet.
You can still go inside their shop and look what they can do but you don't feel any pressure, you can talk with them about anything, even if you are not planning to buy or to order a suit or a dress. They are just nice people and they will never try to fool you.

Sometimes you may see somebody eating inside their shop. No, it's not a restaurant but it happens that they feel fine with some customers and they just invite them to join their lunch. They have a lot of generosity! 

Koh Chang Milano Fashion Koh Chang Milano Fashion
Roger and Meme from Koh Chang Milano Fashion Koh Chang Milano Fashion

27 January 2015

If you haven't noticed it yet, since last weekend it's possible to modify the language of this website. Just click on the "Select Language" window which is on top of this page and choose from the list the language you want.
The translation is not 100% perfect as it's made automatically by Google Translator but I guess you will understand. Some friends have already tried it in few different languages and according to them it wasn't that bad.

26 January 2015

Every week there are scooter accidents in Koh Chang. Some get minor injuries while others are ending their trip in hospital. There are few things you have to know if you are planing to ride a scooter during your holidays.
- Always wear a helmet! You won't drive without it on a main road in your own country, why to change this habit when you are on holidays?
- Even with a helmet, your legs and and arms won't be protected from the asphalt like most of you will ride wearing a short and t-shirt. 
- If you have never touched a scooter, please use the taxi, they are safer. It's the same if you don't feel comfortable on 2 wheels.
- Remember that Koh Chang roads are not wide and flat and if it's raining it's getting worse.
- In Thailand, the stronger wins. A truck or a car will pass another one even if you come straight in front of them.
- Don't drive if you are drunk, it's sound obvious for a lot of us but it's still happening too often.

Before travelling to Thailand, check that you have a travelling insurance which will cover all your costs in case of accident. Spending few days in a private clinic is not cheap at all and it's better to be prepared before wondering how to pay the bill.

Thank you to the Koh Chang Rescue Team which is doing an amazing job! Big thumb up guys!

Be smart and don't risk your life and other people's lives!

Koh Chang Rescue Team Scooter accident in Koh Chang
Scooter accident in Koh Chang Scooter accident in Koh Chang

24 January 2015

If you are in Lonely beach or nearby, remember that tonight, starting at 7pm there will be the big Winter Sensation party sponsored by Chang beer and Finlandia vodka. Come and enjoy!

Winter Sensation at Lonely beach


From yesterday until tomorrow, the Trat Sailing Fest is standing at The Emerald Covein the south part of Klong Prao beach. The ceremony started on the beach with Maori style dancers.

Trat Sailing Fest Trat Sailing Fest
Trat Sailing Fest Trat Sailing Fest
Trat Sailing Fest Trat Sailing Fest

22 of January 2015

This beautiful red flower can be seen in a lot of gardens in Koh Chang. The red shinny petals may look like being in plastic but it's an Etlingera Elatior, also known as Torch Ginger, Ginger Flower, Red Ginger Lily, Torch Lily, Wild Ginger, Combrang, Bunga Kantan, Philippine Wax Flower, Xiang Bao Jiaing, Indonesian Tall Ginger, Boca de Dragón, Rose de Porcelaine or Porcelain Rose. A lot of names for a flower!

Etlingera Elatior Etlingera Elatior

21 January 2015

If you have read about Koh Chang, you know that "Chang" means "elephant". You have the opportunity to ride elephants in one of the elephant camps of the island. You can touch, feed, photograph but also ride these huge mamals and in some case take a bath with them. This is maybe the weirdest but the funniest and most memorable part of the trek. 
Thank you to เพ็ญพักตร์ ฉวีวงค์ from Ban Chang Thai elephant camp located in Klong Prao for the nice pictures!

Elephant bathing from Ban Chang Thai elephant camp Elephant bathing from Ban Chang Thai elephant camp
Elephant bathing from Ban Chang Thai elephant camp Elephant bathing from Ban Chang Thai elephant camp

20 January 2015

Do you have any plan for next Saturday evening?
Bars and restaurants of Lonely beach are cooperating to organize this incredible party which will stand at Lonely beach and will start at 7pm. There will be lots of great DJs, top music and amazing lights. The party is sponsored by Chang beer and Finlandia vodka!
Only 200THB the entrance and you will get a free Chang beer. Come and join!

Winter Sensation by Himmel bar - Lonely beach

19 January 2015

Sak Yant or Yantra tattooing started in Cambodia with the use of ancient Khmer script.  Khmer warriors covered themselves with tattoos from head to toe. They believed that this made them impervious to harm.
Over the centuries the tradition spreads to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and parts of Myanmar. Today it's most popular in Thailand, whereas in Cambodia and Laos the tradition has almost completely vanished.
In Thailand, Yantra tattoos were made by monks using a bamboo stick. The tattoos brought protection, mystical powers or good luck.
There are still some monks practising Yantra tattooing but in Thailand the mystical part has now been replaced by a permanent travelling souvenir which can be done in any tattooing studio.

Suea (เสือ - translation: tiger) -  twin tigers - represents power and authority Yantra tattoo by King Tattoo Yantra tattoos
Bpaaet Thit (แปดทิศ - translation: eight points) - represents protection in the eight directions of the universe

(Tattoos made by King Tattoo)

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