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25 February 2015

One of my favourite attractions in Koh Chang is Thaifun. This 10 hours day trip will interest everybody, no matter how old you are.
The day will start with a pick-up from the beach where you reside and if there is no beach, a driver will bring you to the closest beach. Noknok and her team will welcome you onboard. The seats are comfortable and a welcome refreshment is offered. The trip will start with good explanations from Noknok about the island but also about the nature and sea life.
The trip will depend of the weather but you will normally do a first stop in the island of Koh Wai where you can snorkel and start to see beautiful fishes. You can bring your own snorkelling equipment or borrow the ones they have. The masks and snorkels are free, the fins will cost you 100 THB for the whole day.

The trip will continue while you will enjoy the free lunch buffet with a good choice of food. 

The second stop will be in front of Koh Mak. You can then rest, swim, jump from the top deck of the boat, use the slider or spend time on the beach of Koh Mak with its clear water.

At the third stop you will be able to snorkel in the fishes kingdom. You will be amazed by the quantity of exotic fishes.

Then the captain will take the direction of Koh Chang and if the sea is calm enough he will stop the boat close to the monkey island where monkeys will be waiting for their daily attraction, watching you ;) And during the whole trip, Noknok will entertain you, try to challenge you to win free drinks and tell you all kind of stories.

You will go back to your pick-up point at sunset with your head full of souvenirs.

Thaifun Thaifun Thaifun
Thaifun Thaifun Thaifun
Thaifun Thaifun Thaifun
Thaifun Thaifun Thaifun
Thaifun Thaifun Thaifun


20 February 2015

Last Wednesday has been celebrated the Chinese New Year. If you were in Thailand you couldn't miss it, with all the decorations but also the thousands of firecrackers. Most of people went also to visit the Chinese temple to donate and pray.

The Chinese temple is located on the north of the island, nearby Klong Son. After the 108 small steps you can reach the top of the hill and discover this colourful Buddhist temple.

Koh Chang Chinese Temple Koh Chang Chinese Temple Koh Chang Chinese Temple
Koh Chang Chinese Temple Koh Chang Chinese Temple Koh Chang Chinese Temple
Koh Chang Chinese Temple Koh Chang Chinese Temple Koh Chang Chinese Temple
Koh Chang Chinese Temple Koh Chang Chinese Temple


16 February 2015

I had a stop today at Baan Chivit Crocodiles and Snakes show which is located in Klong Prao, just before Klong Plu waterfall.
The show has already started and I took the opportunity to take few pictures. They have 2 shows per day during the week and 3 in the weekend. 
They have 9 big crocodiles which are used for the show, 2 of them are very impressive and old, something like 40 years old. 2 smaller and younger are outside in 2 separated parks but I wouldn't come too close, they already look scary.
Some people think that they are drugged but they aren't. They are fed once a week and believe me, they are alive and aware of what is going on. 

After the crocodiles show you can see a snakes show. Today there were only 2 cobras, a python and a coconut snake but they can have more, it depends of the days.

If you are brave or adventurous, you can touch or even kiss the crocodiles or the snakes, except the cobras. But taking pictures can be also a wise and safer alternative.

Baan Chivit Crocodiles and Snakes show Baan Chivit Crocodiles and Snakes show
Baan Chivit Crocodiles and Snakes show Baan Chivit Crocodiles and Snakes show

14 February 2015

We wish a happy Valentine's day to all of you!
There are lots of flowers today everywhere for friends and lovers. Resorts, hotels, pubs, restaurants, all bring their own touch with their decorations. Valentine's dinners or parties, everybody is welcome to love and to be loved today! Even the sushi of Mrs. Bum got a Valentine's style today!

There will be a free concert tonight on Kai Bae beach.

Happy Valentine's Day Valentines Sushi from Mrs. Bum

  Valentine's Day free concert in Kai Bae 

12 February 2015

If some of you haven't booked their trip to Koh Chang or if you don't know from where to book it, I recommend you to have a look at Agoda.com. They have very interesting offers. Just set your preferences, and you will get a choice of available resorts and hotels. You can use the credit card you want or even Paypal.

Safe up to 75% with Agoda

10 February 2015

Today and the past days have been very hot. If you are spending your time in the shadow or in an air-cooled or air-condionned room, then everything is fine for you.
But if you are in Koh Chang for few days or few weeks and try to enjoy this hot weather as much as you can, you are maybe trying to take as much sun as possible, and most of the time at the beach or at the swimming-pool.
Remember to use sun lotion and to drink to avoid dehydration.

And when comes the end of the afternoon, why not to enjoy the moment with a fresh cocktail. This is what I did few minutes ago at the beach bar of Paradise Resort!


09 February 2015

Yesterday some of our friends came from Bangkok to Koh Chang with Taxi Innova. They met him at the airport like they agreed by email. 
They were extremely surprised by the kindness of Mr. Somroob.
There were small water bottles for them in the car and they could use his onboard Wi-Fi. A couple of times they asked him to stop for a toilet break and to buy more refreshments and he all the time found the right place for them.
They really enjoy the trip which was very safe and pleasant and will recommend him for sure. This is the reason why we also like Somroob, also named Ing, his nickname.

Somroob from Taxi Innova Taxi Innova
Somroob from Taxi Innova
Taxi Innova

06 January 2015

Tomorrow there will be an event in White Sand beach organised by Fin Free Thailand to encourage restaurants to stop serving shark fin but to also inform people about the risks of eating shark fins.
There will be different activities as well. Feel free to come!

Fin Free Thailand

05 February 2015

Thailand is also famous for its beautiful and colourful orchids which grow naturally on the bark of trees. They are normally flowering in August during the abundant rains, then collect water and food in September to flower again in January.
There are more than 1000 species of orchids in Thailand with gorgeous colours and amazing shapes.
You can of course see those orchids everywhere in Koh Chang, and if you want to see some growing naturally you will need to go inside the forest but don't go alone, there are guides organizing Jungle treks, it will be safer!
If you want to bring some orchids to your home, buy them at the international Suvarnabhumi airport, once you have passed the security, in the duty free area. They are already conditioned for transport and exportation and you won't get any troubles to bring them to your own country.

Orchids from Thailand Orchids from Thailand Orchids from Thailand

(pictures copyright: NK SlowLife)

02 February 2015

You can now see in the evening a lot of fire shows. They are normally organised by the resorts or restaurants to entertain their customers but to also attract more customers.
Most of them are make by the resorts or restaurants staff and some are nicer than others but keep in mind that playing with fire is not very easy, so be indulgent with them even if they sometimes drop their fire sticks.
You can get good pictures but you have to be fast like most of the shows last about 5 minutes.
And like most of entertainment in Thailand, it ends with the tip box. 

Fire show in Klong Prao beach - Koh Chang Fire show in Klong Prao beach - Koh Chang
Fire show in Klong Prao beach - Koh Chang Fire show in Klong Prao beach - Koh Chang Fire show in Klong Prao beach - Koh Chang
Fire show in Klong Prao beach - Koh Chang Fire show in Klong Prao beach - Koh Chang Fire show in Klong Prao beach - Koh Chang

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